Mental health or mental illness is now a serious issue. It needs extra attention and care if you are thinking about getting rid of it. Different types of mental illnesses can hit a person. It can destroy the mental stability of any person and disbalances their entire life. The medical world has advanced a lot in a very less period. There are so many medicines that have recently been introduced to cure people of their mental illness. One such medicine happens to be Phosphatidylserine. This medicine is used for curing a medical condition called dementia or Alzheimer disease.

Usefulness of Phosphatidylserine

Alzheimer’s is such a mental condition where a person loses the ability to think or to remember anything. This occurs mostly aged people, however, this cannot be said with complete conviction. To treat the cells of your brain, the Bovine cortex or Phosphatidylserine supplement is very effective.

This chemical supplement is made from either soy or cabbage. So, it is a vegetarian supplement. This supplement helps improve the thinking ability of a person at a young age. It is also useful in improving the performance of any athlete and in reducing the stress that can occur from exercise. According to recent research, this supplement can help in improving depression in old-age people. Other conditions can be treated with the help of this supplement.

Dosage Of Phosphatidylserine

Physicians or doctors do prescribe for this chemical supplement. It is recently noted that one can consume 300 mg to 800 mg of this supplement each day. The patients who need to imbibe their otherwise failing memory need to take three doses of this medicine and the dosage power should be 100 mg.

Understand the effectiveness of the phosphatidylserine chemical supplement

You can consume this supplement along with food. This supplement is also available in certain food like soy, egg yolks, white beans, beef liver, and chicken liver. It is, however, not possible for anyone’s body to get a sufficient amount of this supplement such as Glutathione from the dietary sources. This supplement is safe to consume by people who undergo the above-mentioned problems.

Final Words

You can store this fatty chemical supplement in a room temperature that is clean and dry. One needs to keep in mind that no pregnant woman consumes this supplement as it can be quite harmful to them. It is generally white and is soluble in Toluene and chloroform. This supplement is known for taking care of the wellness of the brain of human beings. Since this supplement is available in powder, it can be easily consumed by both old people and children.